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Jania Ashby with 6 Masks In Search of a Sculptor

Jania Ashby | Sculptor

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To reflect on my work I must look to my travels and my experiences of living abroad. Resonating the various cultures to which I have been exposed, I have chosen an eclectic range of subjects. If there is a thread to be found most likely it is not always a conscious one. I have lived on a city-island and at other times near the sea; therefore, the marine themes. I have looked to the arts for a meaning of life; therefore, the masks, the dance shoes, the organic abstracts. Other inspirations come from reaction to a moment or a particular event.

With no formal training in stone sculpture, anything I have accomplished has come directly from working in the marble yards of Pietrasanta with the Italian artisans. My debt to them is enormous.

I now live and sculpt in Austin, Texas. My work is found in private collections in Singapore, Paris, Mexico City, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Washington D.C., Maryland and Texas.

~ Jania Ashby

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